When you are responsible for a business, you can never be too safe. While emergencies are by nature impossible to plan for, there are steps you can take to lower your risks. Prestige Alarm has compiled tips to ensure your business property, employees, and assets are protected in any situation.

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Prevention is Key

The best way to reduce your risk of an emergency is to be diligent about prevention. Of course, you can never plan for an emergency, but there are ways to minimize the damage should one occur.

1. Backup Documents & Data

Backing up any documents, data, and files is essential to ensuring you don’t lose anything. If you use paper copies, keep additional copies safe in another location. If your data is digital, make sure it is backed up on an internal or external hard drive, so you are able to access it from any location.

2. Know Your Insurance Policy

Understanding your insurance coverage is another essential part of emergency preparedness. Performing reviews of your insurance plans and documents at least yearly will help you understand exactly what is covered and how you may be compensated if you experience damage from an emergency or natural disaster.

3. Assess Your Building’s Risks

Acknowledge the risk of natural disasters like floods, tornados, and hurricanes, and be sure to have a plan in place for each one. Keep the location and structure of your business property in mind, and be aware of how it may be affected. It may be helpful to hire a professional to perform assessments to help you identify risk factors.

4. Perform Test Drills

The best way to determine if your safety systems are functioning properly is to perform regular tests. This will clue you in to any potential problems so you can solve them before the need arises, as well as allow yourself and your employees to learn the best and safest strategies should a real emergency arise.

5. Invest in an Emergency System

To achieve safety, comfort, and peace of mind, invest in an advanced emergency system. Prestige Alarm installs life safety systems designed specifically to meet the needs of your business and property. We deliver all-encompassing security solutions to take your safety up a notch.

Feel Prepared with Prestige Alarm

Invest in the safety of your business and employees by choosing Prestige Alarm. We have provided customized high-quality security and emergency systems, which are also called Life Safety Systems, to business owners across the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area since 1994. We offer many desirable solutions including:

PRESNET Monitoring

Using phoneless monitoring, the PRESnet network integrates wireless monitoring of your property when bad weather disrupts phone lines and cell signals. Should the security of your property become compromised during a storm, whether due to fire or burglary, your PRESnet network will notify Prestige Alarm’s Central Station, who will then alert you and the proper authorities.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Keep your building occupants and first responders safe with a BDA system.
Dead spots exist on every property and can interfere with a First Responder like a Policeman or Fireman the ability to reach out and communicate to the proper authorities during an emergency. With a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system, you can streamline crucial communication of first responders and eliminate dead spots altogether.

Emergency Evacuation Systems

Prestige Alarm designs and installs the E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System by Honeywell Gamewell-FC for companies across Central Alabama. The E3 Series® can communicate between different recipients and wide-area network systems, releasing multiple messages during different types of emergencies via telephone, cell phone, computer, text messages, outdoor speakers, large message boards or displays, and more.

If you are in the Birmingham, AL, area and need an advanced and reliable emergency life safety system for your business, contact Prestige Alarm today.