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Moving or expanding your business makes it vulnerable to burglary, vandalism, and additional crime. You must speak with an experienced security company to protect your business and assets during this transitional time. Trust the experts at Prestige Alarm to answer and solve your security concerns and safeguard your business.

Security Considerations During a Move

Making sure your business has a smooth transition throughout a move should be your top priority. One step to ensuring that the transitions operate correctly is by considering safety and investing in the security of your business. Prestige Alarm has three essential tips for implementing into your business’s moving strategy.

Make an Inventory List

A move is an especially vulnerable time for a business. Implementing this step will help keep track of your supplies, assets, and confidential information during a move. Designate a moving manager to create an inventory list. By creating this list, you will be able to reference it throughout the move and ensure that you have all of the necessary assets for your business to operate smoothly.
Making an inventory list also allows you to keep track of what has gone missing and how to track it down. If you knew that critical files were in a locked filing cabinet that only one person had access to, you’d be able to find out sooner where the important documents went.

Secure Storage

Determine if off-site storage is necessary. If it is, it is vital to store your belongings in a trustworthy storage facility. Research which storage facilities in your area have a good reputation for keeping belongings safe and a top-quality security system. In case a disaster strikes at your storage unit, try not to keep the essential documents, supplies, and expensive materials in the unit.

Invest In PRESNET Monitoring

While it may seem counterintuitive to invest in an alarm system before moving, it will be an investment for your current and future building. Prestige Alarm will monitor your security system investment because with battery backup, our alarm systems continue to operate and still monitor all devices even when a storm hits or the power lines are down. During a move, you have no idea what can occur to your building, so it is essential to keep security a priority.

Are you interested in investing in PRESNET Monitoring? Contact the experienced security system installers at Prestige Alarm. Prestige Alarm has been keeping businesses safe and secure for nearly thirty years.

Security Considerations During an Expansion

Congratulations on expanding your business! You have made the right choices in helping your company thrive. During this expansion, ensuring that your security system is also thriving is vital. As your company gains more wealth, it becomes a bigger target to burglars, vandals, and con artists.

Prestige Alarm has been serving Central Alabama since 1994. Contact their experienced team today to install a custom security system for your growing business!

Limit Access

During the expansion, you must limit access to the new areas. Limiting access prevents unknown personnel from accessing the new location and risks setting your growth back. We advise that you keep these new areas locked or video surveilled to ensure that critical information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Ensure That New Areas of Your Business Are Secure

You already have a security system as an operating, successful commercial business. Speak with the security system installers and ensure your existing system can operate in these new areas. Some systems have a limit on the rooms, spaces, or data limit to their plan, so finding this information out sooner than later is critical to the safety of your company.

Invest in Video Surveillance

An essential investment in the future of your company is safety and security. So, leap and make video surveillance a part of your business’s security plan. There are endless benefits to video surveillance systems, the first being peace of mind! With video surveillance, your company will reduce insurance, increase safety, and more! Learn more about the benefits by clicking here!

Hire Experienced, Knowledgeable Security System Installers

There are many important security aspects to consider when moving or expanding your business. Limiting access, creating inventory lists, and securing storage are some of the steps that can you can take to protect your company. However, investing in a high-quality security system or video surveillance to ensure your company stays safe is something more substantial in keeping your business secure.

If you are a business owner in Central Alabama, contact Prestige Alarm and see how your company can be safer than ever with our help!