The Benefits of PRESNET Live Monitoring for In-Facility Security

Are you worried about the fate of your security system when the phone lines go down in your office? Prestige Alarm, the premier security system supplier serving Trussville and Birmingham, AL, has the solution. With our cutting-edge PRESNET Phoneless Monitoring, you can have peace of mind in any situation–even if you lose power while working in your office.

Why You Should Consider PRESNET Monitoring for Your In-Facility Security:

1.) Protect Your Office, Rain or Shine

No matter the weather conditions, PRESNET wireless network keeps your security system fully operational, providing seamless live monitoring of your office. Rest assured that during storms or emergencies, PRESNET’s advanced technology ensures the safety and protection of your valuable assets located within your facility.

Alarm experts and central station operators are increasingly expressing concern about At-Home Monitoring. Rapid Response Monitoring, one of the most vocal central stations opposing At-Home Monitoring, does not use at-home monitoring but instead relies on in-facility monitoring. This raises concerns about customer safety and the potential risks associated with at-home monitoring.

By choosing PRESNET Phoneless Monitoring for your in-facility security, you can have peace of mind knowing your security system is being monitored from a secure facility rather than remotely from someone’s home. PRESNET’s reliable protection, regardless of weather conditions, ensures swift response and safeguarding against potential threats.

2.) Swift Notification & Response

With the PRESNET network, your office is in safe hands. In the event of a security breach like a break-in or fire, our advanced system immediately notifies highly trained monitoring technicians working in our office. These experts swiftly assess the situation, ensuring prompt actions to safeguard your office. You will receive timely notifications, keeping you informed of any potential threats.

PRESNET ensures that you have a reliable and efficient system for notifying and responding to security breaches in your office. This is in contrast to at-home monitoring where concerns have been raised about potential neglect in properly responding to signals. Trust PRESNET for maximum protection and peace of mind, knowing that your office is monitored by professionals in a secure facility.

Video Surveillance

Experience the power of real-time surveillance with PRESNET. Our innovative system integrates live monitoring, allowing you to keep a watch on your office at all times. This advanced feature enhances security and provides valuable data evidence in case of any incidents. Whether it’s suspicious activity, unauthorized access, or an unforeseen event, PRESNET captures it all, ensuring you have a clear record of what occurred.

With PRESNET’s live monitoring, you have the advantage of critical evidence, which can be critical in the event of a security breach. This level of surveillance gives you proactive measures and peace of mind knowing that your office is well-protected.


What makes PRESNET Phoneless Monitoring different from traditional security systems?

Traditional security systems heavily rely on phone lines or cellular signals to communicate with monitoring centers, often based in households. In contrast, PRESNET Phoneless Monitoring operates on a wireless network from our office, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring even during phone line disruptions.

Recently, concerns have been raised about the reliability and data security of at-home monitoring. By choosing PRESNET, you eliminate the risks associated with phone line disruptions and the uncertainties that arise from at-home operators. PRESNET’s dedicated wireless network ensures that your office’s security is not compromised, giving you peace of mind.

Can PRESNET monitor my office in real-time?

Yes, PRESNET integrates live monitoring, enabling real-time surveillance of your office. This enhances security and provides valuable evidence in case of any incidents.

Is PRESNET compatible with other security devices in my office?

Absolutely. PRESNET works seamlessly with a range of security devices, including CCTV video surveillance and fire alarm systems within your office. This integration allows for comprehensive and synchronized protection within your facility.

How reliable is PRESNET Phoneless Monitoring during severe weather conditions?

PRESNET has been specifically designed to ensure the uninterrupted monitoring of your office, even in the face of bad weather and disruptions to phone lines and cellular signals. Our advanced technology enables swift notification and response, providing you with the highest level of security at all times.

Your Security Matters

When it comes to the protection of your property, don’t compromise on security. Choose PRESNET Phoneless Monitoring for enhanced safety, real-time surveillance, and reliable response. Contact Prestige Alarm today to find out more about how PRESNET can benefit you.